Homeless Hostels Support Workers, Concierges and Security

About Us

About us

Homeless Hostels Support Workers, Concierges and Security
Homeless Hostels Support Workers, Concierges, Security

About Us – As a leading nationwide provider of Homeless Hostel Night Concierge Staff, Security and Support Workers, HHS Group offers comprehensive and efficient services for safeguarding and facilities. Our team prioritizes the needs of residents and uses a psychologically informed approach to provide support and safeguarding services, specifically to young adults and over 18’s in Homeless Hostels and supported housing projects.

With over 15 years of combined experience in the Homeless Hostel field, our management team understands the unique requirements of these projects. We offer two flexible service models – agency or contract services – to meet your needs. Outsource your night staffing needs with our Contract Services model, where coverage is provided Monday to Sunday by our highly trained Night Support Worker staff or Night Concierge Staff.

Our Agency Services model offers a risk-free solution for hiring staff, supplying personnel such as project workers, housing support workers, and cleaners on a temp to perm basis. With offices throughout the UK, including London, Gloucestershire, Cardiff and Manchester, we offer local knowledge and nationwide experience, as well as a 24-hour control room for the convenience of our clients. Choose HHS Group for reliable and effective concierge, support worker, and security services for Homeless Hostels. We have offices in London, Cardiff, Gloucester and Manchester.

About Us-Homeless Hostel Night Concierge staff, Security and Support Workers Agency or Contract

HSS Group operates both an Agency or Contract services Model with a flexible approach to suit most needs. 

Homeless Hostels Support Workers, Concierges and Security

Contract Services

Concierges, Support Workers, Security

Looking for reliable Homeless Hostel Night Concierge Staff, Security and Support Workers? Our Contract Services model provides professional Support Workers, Night Concierges, and Security personnel who are trained to meet your specific needs. Outsource your night staffing to us and enjoy 24/7 coverage from Monday to Sunday. Our in-house attendance and scheduling management ensures seamless service, and any cancelled shifts are covered by us. Choose our Homeless Hostel Contract Services for unparalleled concierge, security, and support.

Homeless Hostels Support Workers, Concierges and Security

Agency Services

Emergency Outreach, Project Workers, Cleaners, Housing Support Workers

Need to fill staffing gaps in your Homeless Hostel Project? Our Agency model offers a flexible solution to meet your workforce demands. With us, you can hire Project Workers, Housing Support Workers, Cleaners, and even Emergency Outreach Workers on a temp-to-perm basis, minimizing the risk of direct hiring. Partner with us to ensure your projects have the qualified personnel they need, delivered quickly and effectively.

Homeless Hostels Support Workers, Concierges, Security

24-Hour Control Room

Why use us?

UK’s leading provider of homeless hostel support services. Offers local knowledge & nationwide experience. 24/7 control room for client convenience. Offices in London, Gloucester, Manchester, Cardiff. Ability to service the M4 and M5 Corridor easily. Professional support workers, Night Concierges, and Night Security Specially trained for Homeless Hostels. Choose us for reliable staffing solutions.

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